Our employees all have solid backgrounds in their field and know what it means to produce quality products, done right the first time. Spectrol has established itself as a leaderin product development.

State of the art viscosity improver systems allow us to make our own additives.
​Four blowmolding machines make all our HDPE bottles. Additives, bottles and labels are
​all made on site. Each formula is developed through extensive laboratory and consumer testing to achieve the highest quality to meet, or exceed, industry standards.


Spectrol has the ability to efficiently maximize the demands and performance of next-generation automobile engines, from the beginning of the blending process to the finished product. Spectrol's onsite laboratory blends well-balanced combinations of today's highest quality base stocks to exceed car manufacturer's latest performance requirements and to provide fuel-efficient formulations to our customers.

Logistical Strength


ISO 9001:2008 Certified